About us

This organization is to introduce and lead board games to people who lives in Kitanagoya-city, Aichi, Japan.
This organization is non profitable.

Name: "ludoviel" Interaction with Board games in Kitanagoya-city
Established: 2015.12.01
Membership: 12 (2015.12.16) 
Pres.: Itsuki INOUE

Contract (Japanese)

What we are doing.

We hold events to introduce and lead board games to people mainly lives in Kitanagoya-city.
Moreover, we are going to run a booth to some events in concert with goverment and other organizations. 

Futhermore, this organization supports each member's action to familiarize board games to the public.

What are board games?

Refere to this page.

What does lodoviel mean?

"Ludo" means "games" in Latin.
"VIel" means "many" in German.
Besides, viel sounds like "feel" and "phile (philia)".

So we named it to want people to feel and become to like many board games.

To other organizations.

We are looking for the organization that work together with us.

"How about running a booth to our event?"
"Do you know good board games for our event?"
"We want to play board games with our children."
"Please let me know a board game that xx-yo. child can play."

All welcome. It's free of charge, basically.
We mainly aim to citzens of Kitanagoya-city, but others will do.

To general person

We also runs an event for people who are interested in board games.

"Kinabodo!" The board game party in Kitanagoya-city

We hold it about once a month.
Anyone may join us. 
Please read the linked page for schedule and fee of it.

We welcome who having a look or inspection. 

To contact us

Tel: 080-6902-5569 (Pres. INOUE)
mail: naphtha_lene@yahoo.co.jp

Feel free to contact us.